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91 is an online womenswear company founded by renowned Canadian designer Mani Jassal. 

Established in 2023, our headquarters in Toronto serve as the hub for our North American clientele and we have plans to expand globally. 

We've heard your desires and tailored our collection to encapsulate various personalities and moods. Whether you're feeling flirty, classy or traditional or even seeking a touch of retro style, our pieces are crafted with your preferences in mind.

The collections reflect Mani Jassal’s fun signature touches in the tops, skirts, dupattas, sets and saris. Her expertise in garment design pays homage to different eras and showcases her unrelenting commitment to creativity. 

At 91, we have an unwavering dedication to our customers. They are not just our audience - they are the very inspiration behind our brand. Our culture revolves around them, and we tirelessly strive to meet their preferences. Our core values - beauty, accessibility, and innovation - underpin everything we do. 

At 91, we offer a front-row seat to the latest trends, cuts, and colours.

At 91, we empower our clients to embrace their unique style. 

At 91, we empower our clients to embrace their unique style. 

Canadian designer Mani wears two crowns under one umbrella. 

In 2023, she extended her creative prowess to the digital realm with an innovative online clothing brand called 91. This sister brand to Mani Jassal, encapsulates the latest trends, cuts, and colours with an unwavering commitment to customer preferences.

In 2014, she launched “Mani Jassal," a fashion haven that offers clients luxury pieces and collections, personally curated by the designer herself. Through her showroom, Mani Jassal embodies a bespoke experience, creating clothing that feels like a personalized work of art to a global clientele. Which you can shop here!