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Twinning in Style: Inspo for Bridesmaids and Besties!

Twinning in Style: Inspo for Bridesmaids and Besties!

We're here to make your outfit dreams come true! Picture this: you and your ride-or-die rocking matching outfits that scream style, sass, and South Asian flair. With 91 pieces created by Canadian fashion Designer Mani Jassal, Indian online shopping has never been easier! Buckle up, honey, because we're about to take your twinning game to a whole new level of fierce with 91.
Dazzling Duos:
Who says matching outfits have to be basic? At 91 by Mani Jassal, we're all about celebrating individuality while twinning in style. Take the "Once In An Emerald Moon Set" and its counterpart, the "Once In A Blue Moon Set," for example. Both outfits boast the same stunning silhouette and luxurious fabric, but with a twist of color. Both lehenga choli's have beautiful threaded floral embellished with sparkling sequins making it the perfect party wear dress. This set also comes in black for our monochrome lovers!
Colorful Connections:
From the mesmerizing "Blue Bandhani Set" to the radiant "Pink Bandhani Set," our collection is bursting with vibrant hues that are guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go. These lehengas give a modern twist on a traditional print and silhouette, with the tops being backless. So you can get a designer dress while still having the latest fashion trends and connecting to your heritage. We absolutely love this look for bridesmaids or anyone who wants to Mary-Kate and Ashley match, and the Bandhani set also comes in red if your a trio!
Flower Power:
Want to spread some sunshine? Slip into the "Yellow Flower Power Lehenga" and the "Wine Flower Power Lehenga" watch as you and your bestie light up the room with your infectious energy and killer style. Not only are these pieces ready to ship making Indian online shopping easy but florals are always trendy for spring. If you need to convince someone to match with you even more, these designer wedding outfits come in multiple colours! You might love the Yellow and Wine Flower Power pieces but it also comes in black and white! Your whole squad can be matching!

At 91 by Mani Jassal, we believe that fashion is more than just looking good – it's about feeling confident, empowered, and connected to those who matter most. So why not celebrate your friendship in style with matching outfits that reflect your unique personalities and shared love for all things fabulous?


Shop 'Til You Drop:

Ready to elevate your bestie twinning game? With Indian Online Shopping made easy, you can browse our latest collection from the comfort of your couch and have your dream outfits delivered straight to your door. No more endless trips to countless shops, or having your aunt pick out a lehenga for you from back home – just effortless shopping and endless style possibilities.

Whether you're turning heads at a South Asian wedding, serving up looks at a glam party, or strutting your stuff on the streets, let your style shine bright with 91 by Mani Jassal. With our designer dresses for wedding festivities and party-ready lehengas, you'll be snatching wigs and stealing hearts wherever you go, honey!

So what are you waiting for, fashionistas? Grab your bestie, channel your inner diva, and lets hit the road! Because when it comes to friendship, fashion, and fierce fabulousness, there's no such thing as too much twinning!